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If you are using our vehicles and/or trailers, we will ensure that they are legal, roadworthy and fit the Driving Standards Agency minimum test vehicle requirements. Our affiliate’s insurance provides cover whilst candidates are driving our vehicles providing they hold an appropriate driving licence and are accompanied either by the instructor or the test examiner. If you are using your own vehicle and/or trailers, you are responsible to ensure the above and provide documents for inspection by the Driving Standards Agency, if required. You must also provide a rear number plate if using our trailers.

If you are providing your own vehicle for training, you must ensure that your vehicle is covered for driving instruction and tests while towing.

LDC cannot accept liability, or responsibility for personal injury however caused, loss of candidate possessions or effects whilst on our premises or in our vehicles.


LDC will provide you with a high visibility vest for training. We advise you to wear this at all times when outside the vehicle. It is the candidate’s responsibility to provide outdoor clothing and suitable footwear.


Notice of cancellation of a course must be given no less than 10 working days (not including weekends) prior to the commencement date. If less than 10 working days is given, LDC reserves the right to retain the full payment. We shall however, try to reallocate the course dates to another client and if successful reduce the cancellation fee.

If the course is cancelled due to unforeseen illness or physical incapacity, LDC reserves the right to retain any payment made.


LDC will make every effort to ensure that courses go ahead as arranged. LDC will not be held responsible for any disruptions caused by inclement weather, unforeseen traffic delays, accidents, illness, candidate absence, mechanical breakdown/failure, act of god or postponement of test by the Driving Standards Agency.

LDC reserve the right to terminate the course should the candidate prove to be unwilling to carry out instructions given, is felt to be a danger to themselves, other road users, pedestrians, or to LDC's staff. Inappropriate behaviour by the candidate or if the Instructor feels that the candidate is suffering from the effects of alcohol, drugs or lack of sleep shall result in the termination of training. No refund will be given in these circumstances.


LDC reserve the right to withhold the use of company vehicles and staff for the test, if for any reason it is felt that the candidate has not reached the required standard to drive safely without instruction.

Motorcycle Terms and Conditions

Pupil Requirements

All pupils must have a valid provisional motorcycle licence or a full car licence, the photo card section must be in date as they only last 10 years.

All pupils must pass the standard 67 feet / 20.5 metres eye site check, with or without glasses; this will be checked at the start of the day.

LDC provide helmets, jackets, and gloves free of charge, but bringing your own gear is recommended. We also supply hi-vis vests and earpieces. We suggest wearing thick jeans and you will need ankle-protecting boots (no steel toes). If you arrive without suitable clothing, you'll be turned away without a refund.

For anyone under 5'4", please schedule a bike suitability appointment before booking a CBT session to ensure safety. If you do not book an appointment and are unable to safely use one of our training bikes, you will be sent home from the CBT session and will not be entitled to a refund.

A strong understanding of English is crucial for CBT completion; language barriers may result in dismissal without refund. If you have any questions, call us at 01283 545900.

Health and Safety

Fluorescent bibs are provided for training;
All pupils are riding at there own risk and must make sure that the provided fluorescent bibs are on at all time while on site, and helmets are worn and securely fastened while on the bikes,
No rubbish must be dropped on the training area, you must use the bins provided,
NO SMOKING ON THE SITE. We have a no smoking policy on our site, but have desingated areas.
Toilets are available in Pirelli Stadium,
Food and drink can be purchased 7 days a week from the Co op, opposite the site entrance


If you provide your own bike you will be riding on your insurance, you must check that you are covered while training. Your insurance documents, bike tax and MOT if required must be produced to the instructor, at the start of training. All training fees include bike hire and 3rd party insurance. There is a £500.00 limited excess in case of any damage to the bike or any property belonging to a 3rd party. If the cost of the repair, labour or collection is less that £500.00 the lower amount will be become due to LDC within 7 days.


Once a CBT is booked there is a 7 day cancellation period. If you move or cancel your CBT under 7 days, you will lose your fee. If you do not turn up, turn up late, do not have your licence, fail the eyesight test, do not have reasonable clothing to ride or fail to complete the day FOR ANY REASON, you will lose your fee. If you want to rebook your space, you can do so at a cost of £75.00. This discounted rate will be valid for 8 weeks from the date of original booking.

Bad weather (snow and ice) may mean that training is cancelled if this happens you will be offered another appointment free of charge.