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Motorcycle Terms and Conditions

Pupil Requirements

All pupils must have a valid provisional motorcycle licence or a full car licence, you will need your card license or the old style paper licence with a valid passport with them for training, the photo card section or the passport must be in date as they only last 10 years.
All pupils must pass the standard 67 feet / 20.5 metres eye site check, with or without glasses; this will be checked at the start of the day.
All pupils must be suitably dress to take part in training, this means HELMET, GLOVES, JACKET AND LAYERED CLOTHING TO KEEP WARM AND DRY, THICK JEANS OR MOTORCYCLE TROUSERS, STURDY SHOES OR BOOTS AND IDEALLY YOUR OWN EARPHONES THAT WILL FIT UNDERNEATH YOUR HELMET AND FIT A NORMAL AUX CONNECTOR. Helmets and gloves are no longer supplied on our training site and you will be required to bring your own. LDC now offer a bundle which includes the helmet and gloves for £59.99. You can purchase these on the falcon website if you follow this link or call the shop direct on 01283 545900.
All training must be paid in advance to our booking office, or via pay pal on the internet.

Health and Safety

Fluorescent bibs are provided for training;
All pupils are riding at their own risk and must make sure that the provided fluorescent bibs are on at all time while on site, and helmets are worn and securely fastened while on the bikes,
No rubbish must be dropped on the training area, you must use the bins provided,
NO SMOKING ON THE SITE. We have a no smoking policy on our site, but have desingated areas.
Toilets are available in Pirelli Stadium,
Food and drink can be purchased 7 days a week from the Co op, opposite the site entrance


If you provide your own bike you will be riding on your insurance, you must check that you are covered while training. Your insurance documents, bike tax and MOT if required must be produced to the instructor, at the start of training. All training fees include bike hire and 3rd party insurance. There is a £500.00 limited excess in case of any damage to the bike or any property belonging to a 3rd party. If the cost of the repair, labour or collection is less that £500.00 the lower amount will be become due to LDC within 7 days.


Once a CBT is booked it cannot be cancelled within 7 days of the booked date, without losing your fee, you are booking a space on a training day. If you do not turn up, turn up late, do not have your licence, fail the eye sight test, do not have reasonable clothing  to ride,  or fail to complete the day FOR ANY REASON, you will lose your fee, if you want to rebook your space you can do so at a cost of £ 60.00 within 3 months.
Bad weather (snow and ice) may mean that training is cancelled if this happens you will be offered another appointment free of charge.